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Satellite Monitoring For Fisheries

Revolutionizing Ocean Monitoring and Analysis

Satellite Monitoring

For Fisheries

Ten years ago, gaining comprehensive insights into human activity in the world's oceans seemed insurmountable. However, through significant advancements in satellite technology, cloud computing, machine learning, and addressing instances of forced labor abuses aboard vessels. Precision Grow has transformed this vision into reality. We are pioneering monitoring commercial fishing, transshipment at sea, and maritime shipping with our cutting-edge data and technology platforms to facilitate scientific research, bolster marine conservation efforts, and enhance ocean governance practices.

Utilizing advanced technology

We collect extensive data from satellites and various other sources. Our approach involves merging tracking data obtained from the publicly accessible automatic identification system (AIS) with information derived from vessel monitoring systems (VMS) operated by governmental entities. These partnerships enable us to access VMS data, which, alongside AIS, utilizes global positioning and transmitters to consistently broadcast vessel locations.


This data is captured by ground stations and satellites, enabling continuous tracking of vessels even in the most remote oceanic regions.


Our Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) operates akin to AIS (Automatic Identification System), with a primary focus on regulatory oversight by government bodies and fisheries authorities.


Tracking commercial fishing activity is vital, yet relying solely on AIS and VMS may overlook a substantial portion of global fishing operations

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