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(Smart Farming With Electronic Crop)

Precision Grow Advances Smart Farming with e-Crop Technology in Collaboration with ICAR Precision Grow (a unit of Tech Visit IT Pvt Ltd) has taken a significant step forward in advancing smart farming technology by collaborating with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). On June 5th, 2024, coinciding with World Environment Day, Precision Grow signed a contract for the manufacturing and marketing of the innovative e-Crop technology. This agricultural solution combines advanced technology with sustainable practices to optimize crop production while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Addressing Food Security

    Current food production levels are insufficient to achieve zero hunger, particularly in third-world countries where the demand for food is rising due to an ever-increasing population. With cultivable land shrinking, the only viable solution is to achieve higher productivity from the existing genetic stock. Precision agriculture, which focuses on attending to individual crops and applying the exact required inputs, increases production and minimizes environmental loss. The gap between potential and actual yield is often wide, and closing this gap is crucial to meet future food requirements. Smart farming technology, which integrates information technology with agriculture, is the best strategy to reduce this gap.

e-Crop an Overview

Developed and patented by ICAR-CTCRI, the e-Crop is an IoT device designed for smart farming by simulating crop growth in real-time. This weatherproof electronic device works in any terrain and under various climatic conditions. The main control unit of the device is connected to sensors that collect various soil and weather parameters. The data collected by e-Crop includes :

  • Soil moisture
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Light intensity
  • Rainfall

The microcontroller inside the control unit coordinates the clock, initiates the internet connection, and collects data from different sensors. A web interface is used for managing smart farming using e-Crop, allowing users to add crops, fertilizers, soil types, locations, and more.

e-Crop Interface

The e-Crop web interface facilitates farm management and can also be operated through the "Krishi Krithya" mobile app. Different types of users are assigned rights to manage e-Crop, providing a comprehensive platform for farm management.

Management of Farm Using e-Crop

  • Step 1 : Device Owner

    Adds new farmers for the e-Crop device coming under his purview. Then set up a new simulation for these farmers for their scenarios of crops, soils, varieties, devices etc which were already added by the Admin,.

  • Step 2 : Creation of SimulationID

    When a new simulation is setup for the crop, variety, location, date of planting, e-Crop device, cultivated area and farmer, a unique SimulationID is created, which can be used later for executing the simulation in a single step. For each simulation, unique simulationID is created .

  • Step 3 : Input management

    In this section the user can add the information regarding the water, N,P and K which were available in soil at the time of planting as well as that added during planting and at later stages.

  • Step 4 : Results of Simulation

    Each day the crop growth is simulated using the web interface/mobile app using this simulationID. The advisory generated from the simulation is sent to the mobile of the farmer as well as to other mobile numbers included while creating the simulationID.

Results of execution of simulation reach the farmer’s mobile through SMS. Fig 6 shows the view of SMS (Crop advisory generated by e-Crop) on 10th June 2022.

This SMS includes date of planting, cultivated area, variety, location of field which includes latitude & longitude, potential yield achieved as on date in Tones. The advisory part of the SMS includes water and fertilizer requirements. It specifies the water requirement (Liters) for that day, next one week and for the remaining crop duration in one dose. The fertilizer advisory include the required amount (kg) of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to be applied on that day, next one week and for the remaining total crop duration in one dose. This device can be used for giving real-time agro advisory of any crop to reduce yield gap and to achieve targeted yield. This helps in the application of fertilizers as per demand and in smaller and frequent doses which helps in reducing the losses and at the same time increasing the yield.

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