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A Revolutionary

Waste Management Technology

Precision Grow Solutions are based on the principles of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility and economic viability. ECOLOO is odour-free, water-free (water can still be used for hygiene purposes), sewage-free, energy-free and hassle-free, easy to install and maintain, can be used permanently or temporary. It employs special formulated bacterial culture to treat and vanish human waste and transform the urine into natural liquid fertilizer. ECOLOO provides sustainable sanitation solution that is totally enclosed (preventing pollution and environmental contamination), waterless (preventing sewage generation and water contamination).

  • Water and Energy Saving
    1. 1. Reduction of water consumption on flushing.
    2. 2. Reduction of energy used to treat and pump water and wastewater, and to produce more chemical fertilizer.
  • Passive Income thru Fertilizer

    A self-sustained technology that generates passive income to the end users from the liquid fertilizer collected, saves money and creates better, healthier and greener environment for its users.

  • Carbon Emission Footprint Reduction

    The carbon emission is caused by sewage treatment and sewage treatment plants, usage of chemical fertilizer, energy used to treat and pump water and wastewater, pollution caused by chemical fertilizer.

  • Our Solution

    ECOLOO is a stand alone, decentralized toilet solution that is made ofa 2-tier box: The upper box is where the pee, poo and good bacteria go to and where an organic filter is placed. The lower box is where the treated pee or water drop at the end of the whole process after going through the nitrification process and transformed into natural fertilizer. Our fertilizer is full of nutrition, odour free, pathogen free, safe to use and perfect for agriculture. ECOLOO comes in various shapes and designs to fit all purposes in all climate conditions, indoor or outdoor, anywhere!

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