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12July, 2024

The Rise of Organic Farming: A Global Trend

Organic farming is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Organic farming, also known...

10July, 2024

ICAR CTCRI Celebrates 61st Foundation Day in the Presence of the Hon'ble Governor of Kerala

On July 9th, 2024, the ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (ICAR-CTCRI) ...

01July, 2024

How AI can help achieve sustainability in the corporate sector

Imagine you are working in the office and want a cup of coffee.

28Jun, 2024

ESG Sustainable Lifestyle

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are three factors used to measure...

27Jun, 2024

From Barren To Bountiful: Forests The Natural Coolant

Imagine you are chilling by the beach side enjoying a cold drink and then suddenly...

26Jun, 2024

Save Our Soil: Innovative Approaches To Combat Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is considered one of the leading problems of the environment these days.

22Jun, 2024

The Reflection of Our Actions: Forests and Humanity

What we are doing to the world's forests is but a mirror reflection of what we are...

21Jun, 2024

Warming Is Getting Worse. So They Just Tested a Way to Deflect the Sun

In the face of increasing global temperatures and unprecedented climate change...

20Jun, 2024

New EU Rules Seen to Restrict Exports of Textiles, Footwear

The European Union has recently introduced new ecodesign regulations aimed...

19Jun, 2024

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2024: United for Land, Our Legacy, Our Future

The theme for 2024, "United for Land: Our Legacy. Our Future.", emphasizes ...

18Jun, 2024

Sustainability Sector to Boost Job Creation

In recent years, the term “sustainability” has surged in popularity driven by the urgent ...

15Jun, 2024

India Encounters Substantial Challenges in the Agriculture Sector

India is dealing with rising food prices due to problems with the supply.

08Jun, 2024

Why Teaching Sustainability In Schools Is Crucial For A Greener Future

The scorching heat is a prominent reminder that climate change is drastically altering...

07 Jun, 2024

United Nation Warns : Earth will Soon hit record high temperatures

Children born today are entering a world struggling to maintain temperatures that ...

06 Jun, 2024

Understanding The Components Of Soil: An In-Depth Overview Of Soil Profiles

As we know, soil is the ground beneath our feet, and it is also considered a well-known...

05 Jun, 2024

Climate Change Threatens Vital Soil Biodiversity | Impact On Soil-Dwelling Species

Soil-dwelling creatures are crucial for Earth's carbon cycle. Thousands of species, like...

04 Jun, 2024

Beneficial Soil Bacteria In Agriculture: Enhancing Crop Growth And Soil Health

Soil is filled with life, providing a favorable environment for various microorganisms...

28 May, 2024

Unlock Soil Health: Master The Carbon, Nitrogen, And Hydrologic Cycles For Sustainable Farming

Healthy soil is crucial for sustainable farming and gardening, and it is influenced...

25 May, 2024

Understanding Carbon Footprint: Impact, Importance, And How To Reduce It

Every time you charge your phone, start your bike, use a paper to write, or various...

24 May, 2024

The Role of Forests in Carbon Sequestration: How Trees and Soil Store Carbon

Due to the excessive increase of Carbon dioxide(CO2) and other pollutants...

21 May, 2024

Discover The Rich Tapestry Of Soils In India : A Journey Through Nature's Palette

The vast landscape of India is diverse in its availability of soil all across its length...

17 May, 2024

Understanding How Rainfall Affects Soil Erosion: The Physics Behind It

How rainfall interacts with soil plays a significant role in causing soil erosio...

16 May, 2024

One of the Greatest Challenges in Sustainable Soil Management

Despite almost a century of research and extension efforts, soil erosion by water, wind...

13 May, 2024

The Difference between Organic Farming and Regenerative Farming

When we talk about Sustainable Agriculture, both Organic Farming and Regenerative...

11 May, 2024

Unlocking Synergies : How The Paris Agreement And The 2030 Agenda Work Hand-In-Hand For A Sustainable Future

Climate change is real and its evidence is staggering in its performance...

09 May, 2024

Drone Soil Analysis : Multispectral Remote Sensing For Soil Mapping

Making farmland Sustainable and productive for a long period has become...

07 May, 2024

Detect Forest Fires through Satellite Remote Sensing

Climate change is real and its evidence is staggering in its performance...

06 May, 2024
Tobacco prices
03 May, 2024

Tobacco prices to rise in Andhra after crop failure in Brazil & Indonesia

Tobacco known as the ‘Golden Leaf’ is one of the most profitable commercial cash crops...

02 May, 2024

Research and Development: Key to Safeguarding Food Security and Nutrition

India stands at a critical juncture in its food security narrative.

29 April, 2024

The Vital Role of ESG in Addressing Climate Change: Understanding its Impact, Importance and Solutions

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has become an important measurement...

27 April, 2024

"Is a 40 Lakh Yearly Income Possible with Organic Farming? Let’s Find Out Its Potential"

In today’s world if a man starts a business, he expects a certain return to propagate his...

25 April, 2024

"Ending World Hunger: A Global Challenge for Food Security"

We have all felt that burning sensation in our stomach when we get hungry...

23 April, 2024

"Revolutionizing Agriculture: Using Wastewater to Water Crops Sustainably"

In recent years, wastewater irrigation has gained significant attention as a potential...

22 April, 2024

World Earth Day 2024 | Find out how plastics are affecting the environment

Earth is a beautiful life Sustaining planet in the solar system, it’s roughly 4.5 billion...

20 April, 2024

Plant Disease Control Tips: Canker, and Other Fungal Diseases (Final Part)

Plant blight is a common disease. Remember the potato famine in the 1840s? As a result...

19 April, 2024

Exploring Plant Diseases Identification: A Guide (Part 2)

Powdery mildew is a common fungus that affects a wide variety of plants...

18 April, 2024

Exploring Common Plant Diseases: A Guide (Part 1)

Like us humans, plants also get diseases and as we seek professional help to get better...

17 April, 2024

Unlocking the Future: How 5G Will Transform Farming and Agriculture?

Using farm IoT sensors in agriculture is nothing new, but they are just nerves...

15 April, 2024

Soil Carbon Treasure: Understanding Nature's Hidden Wealth

Ever wondered where all that carbon goes beyond the air and trees? Well, you might...

12 April, 2024

The Role Of Machine Learning In Crop Mapping: Techniques And Applications

In recent years, agriculture has experienced a profound technological transformation...

11 April, 2024

Global Food Security Challenges: Addressing With Fertilizers

The world's population is projected to exceed 10 billion by the end of this century...

10 April, 2024

Homoeopathy Day 2024: Understanding the Theme

The popular belief that a person can recover from an illness by identifying the specific...

09 April, 2024

Navratri Fasting With Millets: Healthy Options

During the vibrant festivities of Navratri, which celebrate the nine divine forms...

08 April, 2024

Hidden Hunger Solutions: Fortifying Food & Fortifying India

Hidden hunger. The phrase may sound paradoxical, but it embodies a profound reality...

06 April, 2024

Climate Change Impact on Wheat Rice Yield in India

India's food security is a critical concern given its vast population and diverse agricultural...

05 April, 2024

Understanding Green GDP And Its Implications For Sustainable Development

In today's global landscape, where environmental concerns are at the...

04 April, 2024

Understanding NDWI: A Comprehensive Guide

Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) is a powerful tool used in remote sensing to...

03 April, 2024

NDVICrop: Understanding NDVI for Comprehensive Crop Health Assessment.

In the realm of agriculture, precision and insight are paramount. Farmers constantly...

02 April, 2024

Revolutionizing Agriculture With Automated Satellite Monitoring Service

In the face of global warming, agriculture is confronting unprecedented challenges...

01 April, 2024
30 Mar, 2024

Spreading Rock Dust on Fields: A Revolutionary Solution for Carbon Sequestration

In the ongoing battle against climate change, scientists are continually...

29 Mar, 2024

Africa's Growing Influence In The Global Carbon Credit Economy

Africa, with its vast green energy resources and commitment to combating...

28 Mar, 2024

Countries That Can Save The World From Starvation

The success of rabi crops, particularly wheat, is heavily influenced by temperature...

27 Mar, 2024

Understanding the Impact of Temperature on Rabi Crop Production

The success of rabi crops, particularly wheat, is heavily influenced by temperature...

23 Mar, 2024

World’s Sixth Ocean Might Be Forming In Africa Claim Geologists

In the realm of geological marvels, the Afar Triangle in East Africa stands as a testament...

22 Mar, 2024

World Water Day: A Reminder That Every Drop Counts

Water, the essence of life, is an invaluable resource that sustains all living beings...

20 Mar, 2024

Plastic Waste: A Threat To Ocean Creatures

Our oceans are drowning in plastic, with an estimated 75 to 199 million tons...

19 Mar, 2024

The Significance Of Recycling In The Agriculture Sector

Waste is something humans make up; it's not a thing in nature. But when...

18 Mar, 2024

15 Highest Oxygen-Producing Plants For Your Garden

In the intricate web of life on our planet, plants play an important role, serving...

16 Mar, 2024

Is Organic Farming The Sustainable Solution For Our Future?

Organic farming stands as a beacon of hope in our quest for sustainable...

15 Mar, 2024

10 Best Practices For A Sustainable Agriculture Revolution

Today, it's crucial to focus on sustainable agriculture for a compelling reason...

14 Mar, 2024

Women's Empowerment In Indian Agriculture: A Case Study Using WEAI India

Women's empowerment in the agriculture sector is a critical aspect...

08 Mar, 2024

Empowering Rural Women: The Rise Of 'Drone Didi' Aviators In Indian Agriculture

Once a rural housewife, Sharmila Yadav always dreamt of being a pilot.

Nano Fertilizers
07 Mar, 2024

Nano Fertilizers: The Future Of Agriculture

Nano fertilizers, a recent breakthrough in farming, use nanotechnology to create...

Satellite Surveillance
06 Mar, 2024

Satellite Surveillance Captures Extensive Agricultural Land Changes

Agricultural land spanning hundreds of acres in the Sandeshkhali region of West Bengal...

04 Mar, 2024

Glance Into The Satellite-Based Crop Health Monitoring

In the realm of modern agriculture, where precision and efficiency are...

01 Mar, 2024

Farm Colormap Data Through Satellite

Satellite data regarding vegetation relies on actual observations. For instance, when...

26 Feb, 2024

Despite Improved Global Market Conditions, High Food Price Inflation Persists

Even though things have gotten a bit better globally, the cost of food is still very high.

Fall Armyworm Insect
24 Feb, 2024

Fall Armyworm Insect : Life Cycle, Crop Damage All Information

Our relationship with food is usually filled with joy and satisfaction, but for some...

23 Feb, 2024

Five Things You Should Know About Food Allergies

Our relationship with food is usually filled with joy and satisfaction, but for some...

18 Feb, 2024

Feeding seaweed to cows can cut methane emissions

Giving seaweed to cows might sound like an odd remedy, but it turns out it...

15 Feb, 2024

Unlocking the World of Rice: 10 Varied Types to Savor

Embark on a global taste adventure with all-purpose long-grain rice! Imported ...

14 Feb, 2024

Water and Food Nexus: The Future of Water and Food Security

Water is important for growing the food we eat. Think about it - plants ...

13 Feb, 2024

Bharat Ratna Honors For The Icons Of Indian Agriculture

In the vast tapestry of Indian history, certain individuals stand out as pioneers...

9 Feb, 2024

War in Ukraine continues to impact EU farmers

The ongoing war in Ukraine has far-reaching consequences, extending beyond...

6 Feb, 2024

How the Russia-Ukraine war has affected global food security

In the shadow of the Russia-Ukraine war, the world is grappling with more than just...

2 Feb, 2024

Modi Government’s Role in The Agricultural Sector for the Past 5 Years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted in a statement that his government...

30 Jan, 2024

This is how farmers are utilising satellites to enhance crop production in India

The utilisation of satellite technology is revolutionising agricultural practices...

28 Jan, 2024

Sustainable Agriculture is not a choice, it is a necessity!

The rising temperatures of the earth and the sudden changes in climate patterns...

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