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Transforming Agricultural Financing through Satellite Data Intelligence

Agri Loan

Welcome to the future of agri-lending!
Our advanced solution uses satellite data for precise risk insights, streamlining decisions for both lenders and farmers.


Lenders encounter various challenges; let's examine a few.
  • No reliable way to verify a farmer's authenticity with minimal data.
  • Lack of a robust system to determine farmer eligibility for loans.
  • Multi-stage assessments slow down the process.
  • Limited automation, extensive manual involvement.
  • Verification relies on manual surveys, causing time delays.
  • Claim settlements rely on manual surveys; no system to trace farm-level activity.
  • Transparency gap between farmers and lenders.
  • Farmers or surveyors providing false reports for fraudulent claims.



User-friendly platform to verify farmer and farm land authenticity.


Solution combines cadastral and satellite data for efficient farmer land verification.


Regular data updates from both parties enhance transparency.


Satellite data for ground-level verification, minimizing manual intervention.


Remote-sensing data for risk assessment and claim settlement.


Farm-level data for direct settlements, departing from taluka averages.


Satellite validation cuts false reporting, settlements; no manual intervention.


Closes the tech gap, streamlining the solution for maximum efficiency.

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